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You are invited to complete the Issues Importance questionnaire for rating the importance of each compatibility issue identified for the Fort Pickett MTC JLUS.  The issues were identified by assessing local community activities and Fort Pickett MTC military operations through the lens of 25 compatibility factors.  By selecting a timeframe for addressing each issue, you can help ensure the implementation of the JLUS recommendations tackles those concerns important to your community.

Click Here to complete the questionnaire. The questionnaire will be available for input until December 22, 2020.

Virtual Interactive Public Workshop #2

The Fort Pickett MTC live virtual Public Workshop #2 was conducted on December 08, 2020. The project sponsor and stakeholders appreciate and thank those who were able to join the workshop. Participants were provided an update of the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) Project. Information was also provided on the compatibility issues and an interactive Issues Importance Questionnaire Exercise was conducted, allowing workshop participants to rate the importance of each of the 45 issues identified as part of the JLUS analysis.

Click Here to download the Public Workshop #2 Presentation (5.8 MB)

Fact Sheet #2

Fact Sheet #2 provides information on strategies to address the compatibility issues identified as part of the Fort Pickett MTC JLUS.  When the recommended strategies are implemented, impacts from existing and potential compatibility issues that result from the civilian / military interface can be eliminated or significantly minimized.  Recommended strategies are the critical component of the JLUS process and the key to implementation of the JLUS Report.


Welcome to the Fort Pickett Maneuver Training Center (MTC) Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) website.  The Fort Pickett MTC JLUS is a collaborative planning effort between Nottoway County, Brunswick County, Dinwiddie County, the Town of Blackstone, Fort Pickett MTC, and other local and regional stakeholders to identify and assess compatibility issues between Fort Pickett MTC and the surrounding communities.  As the JLUS evolves, this website will be your primary access point for all project related materials and event information.  

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